Friday, January 13, 2012


Most of state require for an undocumented student to pay double tuition. New York is one of near 13 states that have passed a law in favor of undocumented students, that provides them the benefit of paying In-State tuition. In most states undocumented students pay almost double tuition.
There are no federal laws that prohibits admitting undocumented students in universities however school policies on admitting undocumented students are different for each school.  Most private schools will not accept applications from students without a social security number.
SUNY and CUNY schools of New York State- students do not need a social security number. Immigrant students regardless of immigration status can attend and get In-state tuition fees if they meet the NY In-State tuition requirements.
LONG ISLAND: Suffolk County Community College, Nassau County Community College, SUNY Farmingdale and all other SUNY Colleges, you do not need a Social Security number to apply and get In-State Tuition fee.

New York In-State Tuition Requirements
-Attended New York State high school for two or more years and applied to a CUNY or CUNY within five year of receiving your New York State Diploma.
-Or Receiving a GED (Graduate Equivalency Diploma) For a GED from an approved New York State Program and applied to a CUNY or CUNY within five years of receiving your GED.
Important: Ask your college admissions office to check on the in -State Tuition process. Some colleges might ask to fill out a Residency and to sign an affidavit. If you are require to do it, make sure you fill it out, get it sign by a Notary and return it to college admissions office. If you meet any of these requirements make sure you are not getting charge as an international student which means you will be paying double tuition.


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