Wednesday, September 28, 2011


The DREAM Act  
What is the Dream Act? The Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act, is a bill introduced in 2001 by Senator Durbin, if passed, would allow undocumented students who were brought to the US at a younger age up to 6 years of legal residence and later  the path to citizenship.
Requirements: During those 6 years, the student would need to graduate from a 2 years college or complete 2 years toward a 4 year degree or serve in the military for at least 2 years.

Benefit: Permanent residency will be granted if the above requirements are met and student maintain good moral character.

How does a student qualify?                                             
1-      The student must have been in the U.S at least 5 years before the bill passes.
2-      The Student must have been in the U.S at the age of 15 or younger.
3-      The student must graduate from a U.S high school or receive a G.E.D.
4-      A student must demonstrate good moral character. Students would not qualify if they have criminal record.

Fats: Approximately 65, 000 students graduate from U.S high school each year who have been in the U.S more than 5 years but face limited prospects for completing their education or working legally in the U.S because they were brought here at a younger age without immigration documents.

Approximately 50,000 undocumented students are currently enrolled in higher education institutions across the U.S who are eligible for the Dream Act. They are educating themselves in hope of the Dream Act so they can legalize their status and pursue their dreams. Only a small fraction of undocumented immigrant students who graduate from high school go to college.

How can you support the Dream Act and NY DREAM Act?
Call and send letters to your Senators and State Legislators!

Get involve, join our movement!
If you live in Long Island, New York and wish to get involve with us please contact
 Osman Canales.

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