Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New York DREAM Act

New York DREAM Act
Is a bill introduced in 2011 by state Senator Perkins, if passes would benefit approximately 200,000 undocumented students living in New York State. This bill seeks to allow “Dreamers” undocumented students to fulfill their dreams and their careers in the state of New York. It will also strengthen our communities by having more professionals residents in the States.
-          Have graduated from a high school or obtained a GED in New York
-          Have entered the United States at before the age of 18
-          Be 35 years of age or under
-          Have good moral character, meaning no felony convictions
-          Have resided in New York State for at least two years prior to enactment of the legislation
-          Enroll in a college or university in the state of New York
-          Access to state funded financial aid programs, including grants, loans and scholarships

How can you support the Dream Act and NY DREAM Act?
Call and send letters to your state Legislators TODAY! 
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Get involve, join our movement!
We are focus on advocating for equal access to education for all immigrant students regardles of immigration status.

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