Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Five things you can do to support the DREAM Act

If you wish to support the DREAM Act, you can do so by doing the following.

1-Make a phone call or send a letter to your Representatives. Urge them to support and take leadership on the DREAM Act now.
Example message "Hi my name is ______I am calling to urge my Representative/ Senator_____to take leadership and support the DREAM Act, a bill that will benefit immigrant youth of good moral character and will provide them a chance to make great contribution to our economy"

2-Sign these petitions.
    -To support the NY DREAM Act, sign this petition to Gov,Cuomo.

3- Host us for an event at your school, organization, religious group or any other community group.

4-Get active, join us! If you live in Long Island New York, you can become our member and help organize events in favor of the DREAM Act. If you don't live in Long Island New York but wish to get involve please contact us, there are youth groups all over the country working for the passage of this important bill.

5-Start your own group at your school and help get more youth active and spread the word on DREAM Act. If you wish to start a group at your school, please contact us.

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