Sunday, October 9, 2011

We still see light at the end of the tunnel

This week we have great news from California. California Gov, Brown Signed second half of CA DREAM Act.
We congratulate CA Dreamers and activists, for their great work on advocating, making this a victory. This law gives access to undocumented students to state grants and scholarships. When many states are approving anti immigrant legislations, we still see hope when positive actions like this, are taken by other states. Alabama the most recent state to passed the cruelest law against immigrants, which require schools to check for their students grade K-12, immigration status. We must say that this will widely and negatively impact Alabama's economy and schools. News articles show, how students are leaving schools and families are leaving their homes. But we must emphasize that hate and injustice will not prevail, we stand stronger until we see justice for our brothers and sisters.
We thank California Gov, Brown for having the courage and sign this important law.

For more info on CA DREAM Act read this article:

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